CPM - Youth prevention center of Slovakia


About PYC

PYC Slovakia has been operating in the field of youth work since 2008, when we established the Youth Club against Crime. We focus on working with young people in this club.We cooperate with primary and secondary schools as well as with universities in Slovakia.

The main goals of our youth prevention center are:

  • prevention of risky behavior of children and young people, vulnerable women, adults and the elderly, especially in the areas of bullying, violence, information literacy, dangers on the Internet, hate speech, internet addiction, support for critical thinking, prevention of dissemination of misinformation on the Internet, cyberbullying
  • prevention of various forms of violence, bullying, gambling, racism, xenophobia, protection of human rights and freedoms
  • develop the personality of a young person by providing innovative and shared learning with a cultural tone and bringing concrete solutions for a better labor market or unemployment
  • provide meaningful compensation for risky behavior and improve their own skills and consequently better employment
  • active preparation and creation of innovative and creative educational tools and methodological materials for youth workers
  • working with volunteers, promoting civic participation
  • we organize trainings for volunteers, children and youth, youth workers
  • work with vulnerable youth groups
  • we work closely with local governments, primary and secondary schools, as well as with various non-profit organizations

PYC Slovakia prepares various educational and training activities aimed at target groups in order to provide meaningful compensation for risky behavior and improve their own abilities and consequently better employment. CPM, as the most effective way to prevent these threats, organizes various educational, sports, recreational, cultural and educational activities. Our activities are focused on trainings, seminars, also on international exchanges, communication with international partners, search for new leisure activities in the field of youth prevention.

The target group of our activities are talented young people in action, young people, volunteers, young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, young people at risk, women at risk, adults and older people.