New Horizons


About New Horizons

NEW HORIZONS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social development and cultural preservation for the local territory and bridging the local population to the constantly changing world outside by means of education and training, information service, and international cooperation. It is founded and run by young professionals who are designing, implementing and providing consultation support for local and international projects in several fields such as Youth, VET, Sports and Culture.. MISSION In essence, the founding members aim to construct “new horizons” in the imminent future of the people and crucially young people in their city of residence.

Based in Tusa, a small ancient town in the province of Messina (Italy), New Horizons takes the initiative to rediscover, revitalize, and re-launch a struggling town against depopulation, youth unemployment and the shortage of socio-cultural services for its remaining residents.

We also operate from Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, where there is a vibrant environment of social entrepreneurship, cultural initiatives and international exchanges. We are part of the Innovation Network Palermo, a community aspiring to be a meeting point for professionals of diverse competences to exchange ideas, new technology and best practices for innovation.


Specifically, the OBJECTIVES are:

  • to prepare young people with necessary skills and competences, thus increase their employability;
  • to make the local territory an attractive place to live, work and thrive;
  • to develop and implement programs in non-formal education for young people & adults;
  • to support active citizenship and integration of all people regardless of their social and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Project design and implementation
  • Research and data collection
  • Education, training and job orientation
  • Promotion of arts and culture in the local territory
  • International Cooperation


New Horizons is currently member of a pan-European network, CONNECT-International of 17 EU organizations and, at local level, member of CESV Messina (The Italian Volunteer Centres), a large public network providing support services for NGOs.

In 2018, we also joined the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (Anna Lindh Foundation) that promotes dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean identities, enhancing their deep understanding, and mutual respect.

Other EU networks that we actively participate: EPALE (the largest European platform for Adult Education), EU Rural Pact Community, EU Digital Education Hub, and so on.