DIsinformation of SEniors in Rural Areas


What we do

The DIsinformation of SEniors in Rural Areas (DISERA) project aims at improving the media literacy of rural adult and senior man and women in Italy, Ireland, Slovakia and Republic of North Macedonia through awareness-raising on disinformation, capacity-building on digital skills and promotion of critical thinking to access, recognize and acton information. This project will contribute to promoting intergenerational inclusion, bridging the rural-urban divide and strengthening European values and citizenship in rural communities.

Project objectives

  1. Strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to work transnationally focusing on media literacy within the rural adult and senior population;

  2. Raise awareness of the problem and consequences of disinformation in European rural communities;

  3. Strengthen relevant digital skills in the rural adult and senior population to access news, analyzes content and recognize disinformation;

  4. Bring the European dimension to people living in rural areas to ensure project sustainability and impact.

Thanks to the project, a more aware rural adult and senior population of disinformation with stronger digital skills will be able to sort through information and choose how to better inform themselves. In addition, beneficiaries fromItaly, Slovakia, Ireland and North Macedonia who took part in international training and digital skills workshops comprehend the importance of the European Union and feel a sense of belonging to the wider European community.

At the end of the project, participating organizations effectively cooperate at the transnational level and have proven their capacity to address educational needs of adults and seniors in rural areas.The project directly contributes to creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations,a specific priority in the field of adult education. Awareness-raising and training activities are aimed at adults and seniors in rural areas, with a view to building and strengthening European identity. DISERA also addresses twoErasmus+ horizontal priorities - inclusion and diversity in training and digital transformation.

On the one hand, it involves innovative learning opportunities to better outreach rural adult and senior populations who usually have fewer opportunities and face obstacles to participate in European Projects. Therefore, the projectsets out accessible and inclusive activities such as a radio broadcasting course and training in senior centers and cafes in rural areas. DISERAalsopromotesdigitaltransformation of rural communities through capacity-building on basic digital skills and literacy that beneficiaries need in their daily lives to access information. At the same time,partner organizations will make use of a combination of virtual cooperation and physical mobility, as well as use of communication and technology tools to plan, implement and disseminate project activities.

Our target group

The target group of the "DIsinformation of SEniors in Rural Areas" (DISERA) project are adults and seniors (35 years or older) that live in rural areas. These areas, which represent almost 30% of the EU population and 80% of its territory, show a declining population and a relatively old demographic structure, poor opportunities on the labor market and access to services, resulting in a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion. Due to their age, economic situation and level of education, people living in rural areas are prone to receive, incubate and spread disinformation.

For example, people with lower levels of education say that they come across fake news less often and tend to be less confident identifying fake news.